Scentsy Candle Warmers

Scentsy Wickless Candle Warmers are a safe alternative to traditional scented candles! Scentsy warmers melt and warm the unique (non-toxic) wax releasing fragrant scents into the air by a low watt light bulb. That means - NO FLAME, NO SOOT, and NO WORRIES! With Scentsy your home will be safer for you, your family and pets, and that means peace of mind! This product is a Rockstar! Be sure to check out my blog, for tips, new products and up to date information!

Simple Scentsy

Scentsy warmers are very easy to get started! Just screw in the light bulb, plug in the warmer in, and pop in a few cubes of scented Scentsy wax and off you go! Scentsy bars can last up to 60-80 hours so this means money in your pocket! Scentsy is lead free, wick free, and FLAMELESS! With more than 80 amazing scents, Scentsy can accommodate any taste at any time! Changing the scent of your Rockstar home, classroom, or office is so simple! Pour the warmed wax back into the package, pop in a different scent and your off and warming! Scentsy has so many varieties of warmers that decorating with Scentsy is so easy, and they make a great nightlight!

Scentsy Candle Warmer Diagram

Scentsy is Quality

Scentsy strives to create Unique Flameless Candles that are Beautiful, High Quality and Safe. Scentsy offers 30 Day Money Back Scentsy Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects. You take absolutely no risk when you buy Scentsy Candles.

Scentsy Warmers are designed and manufactured to exact specifications by our production partner. Scentsy then ships the orders to the Scentsy Distribution Centers where a Scentsy Employee then hand packs EVERY order and makes sure every order and arrives in a timely manner. When you Buy Scentsy Wickless Candles and Products you’re not just buying the product, you’re receiving Amazing Customer service from People and a Company that really cares.

Scentsy Candle Warmers

Sell Scentsy And Earn More

Our Scentsy Hosts earn more! Whether it’s a Home, Basket, or Online Party can earn you Free Scentsy! Home parties can be a new twist on a Girls Night Out. A fun and relaxed atmosphere that can allow you and your friends to catch up and take a night off all while enjoying amazing scents that will ROCK your place! Basket Parties are fun, easy, and simple! A small kit that you take to your next family outing, work, or party, easy for the person on the go that doesn’t have the time to put on a traditional home party! Nothing is simpler than an online party! It’s like an open house but online. We will e-vite your guests to visit my website and click on your event link. Your guests are free to order at their convenience until the designated party closing time. This is also a great way to have a Fundraiser! Contact me for more details!

Join the Scentsy Family

This is a very exciting time to be part of Scentsy! When you join Scentsy you become the CEO or your own business and you are your own boss. You have the flexibility to set your own hours, and decide how much you want to make each month. Whether you want to get out and meet people, take amazing free vacations with your family, earn the next car payment or make an income that can support your entire family. Scentsy can do all of this for you if you let it. You will take pride in knowing that each person that you introduce Scentsy to will be receiving a product that is safe and effective. Your Scentsy Customers will thank you for providing them a terrific product that is based on quality, value and safety. You have nothing to lose, but this opportunity! I will be there along your Scentsy journey to help guide and mentor you to your goals! Contact me for More Information!

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